Our idyllic fishing village lies in the southeast of the beautiful and is 25Km away from the capital of Corfu. Apart from the mass tourism, the romantic village offers all the shopping facilities, cocktail bars, and taverns; some evenings Greek dancing parties also take place. Petriti, with its delightfully harbor for fishermen, early in the morning or in the evening is crammed with all ages fishermen. It is interesting to observe how big fishes are caught; the big nets become outspread, and then is collected together as 100 years ago.

Petriti, with only 700 inhabitants, was called in Ancient Greek Egrypos. Egrypos is deduced from “Ev-rous”, which means good river-course, because in the region always existed a lot of water.

Egrypos lies among the green forest, from where you invite peaceful migrates, through the 200 old trees. Gladly we give you tips for individual walks up on which you can detect easily the wonderful and outstanding panorama. Worth of seeing is our breath caching mountain village Korakades with its miracle-made picture behind the church, the church itself with its bewitching picture icons, ornaments and frescoes, and the hospitality of the old people, who never leave their houses.



Our private pension is 50m away from the natural beach (where parasols are), and in a very quite position perfect for rest, where you can relax and regain power. When you are on holiday you do not seek only relaxation, you must take a tour to our beautiful island. We will gladly make you acquainted with a car or a scooter from the rental company.
Let yourself be bewitched by the blue lagoon, which we will gladly arrange for you with a tour by the boat from the mainland to the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi.
Pension Egrypos consists of double rooms and holiday apartments. All the rooms are equipped with all the necessities, easy arranged and all have very nice view to the sea. All the rooms have fridge, shower/WC and balcony. The holiday apartments are capacious and comprise of a bedroom, a parlour (extractable couches for children) separate cuisine, shower/WC, and terrace. The rooms are equipped with air-condition facility and are daily cleaned.
We place a great importance on the personal and familiar contacts with our visitors, and we are gladly very helpful.
If you still have any queries, we will be glad to answer them; moreover we exist in the guide books “Dumont” and “Marco Polo”, where you can easily find us. We hope that your interest for Petriti is arisen and that you will gladly greet Egrypos.

The Half-board

Your set meal (3-courses) will each be served with salad Starter – Main Dish – Dessert


Florines ( Pepper stuff with Feta) Pita- Gemisti (st. feta in flatcake)
Krokettes (cheese+ham in dough) Tzaziki (yoghurt/cucumber/garlic cream)
Dolmades (winelaeves stuff with rice) Saganaki (fried cheese)
Gigantes (giantbeans from oven) Soupia (sepia grilled)
Feta Fornu ( Feta/ sauce from oven) Gavros (fried sardine )
Keftedakia (mincedballs) Tarama (fisheggcream)
Gemi. Piperia (with rice stuff. paprika/oven) Xidato (seafood in vinegar)
Chtipiti ( cheesecream) Psarokeftes (fish-flat cake)
Melitzanosalata (eggplantcream) Gavros-Plaki (with feta/olives-paste)
Skordalia (potata-garlic-puree) Bourdeto (corf. Spec. fish pot)
Spanokopitakia (spinach in puffpasty) Midia Saltsa (mussels in winesauce)
Tiropitakia (cheese in puffpasty) Kalamari gemisto (stuff with rice/oven)
Pastitsio (noodle-souffle) Chtapodi (octopus-stew)
Tomata-Tiri (tomato with 3 cheese stuff) Tonopitakia (tunapitta)
Bourekakia (bechamel/cheese/in aubergine) Boukitses (fish in sesamdough )
Giurwelakia (rice-mince-meatballs) Thalasina Saganaki (seafoodgratin.)
Kourkouti (curgettes fr.) a.l.m.…

Main Dishes

Kokinisto (corf. spec. beef+spagh.) Souvlaki
Stifado (beef/shallots) Gyros
Arni Fournou (lamb from the oven) Xifia (grill. Sword-fish)
Giuwetsi Arni (lamb with ricenoodle) Glossa (sole-fillet fried)
Sofrito (corf.spec.pork in garlicsauce) Sinagrida bianco (fish-stew)
Pastitsado (corf.spec.a la maison) Tsipoura (grill. gilthead)
Souzoukakia (minced barrels/tom. sauce/oven) Bakaliaro Plaki (hake+tomato/oven)
Gemista (stuff vegetableswith rice/oven) Perka Spetsiota ( br.comber a la spetsa)
Lemonato (meat in lemonsauce) Kolios Furnu (chub makr. a la maison)
Bifteki (gril.mince flat cake stuff. With feta.) Galeos ( galeos fried.)
Mousaka Kalamares (squids fried )
Paidakia (lamb chops grilled.) Supia/Chtapodi Saltsa (sepia/octopus in sauce)
Exochi (chicken a la maison) a.l.m.…

veg. Mousaka / veg. Pastitsio / veg. Gemista / veg. Pita-Gemisti /
veg. Giuwetsi 
Spagetti- Tom.sauce / seafood /Putanesca /garliksauce – veg. Pizza

Briami (summervegetable/oven) Kaikakia (with feta stuff courgettes)
Fasolakia Giahni ( gr. beanpot) Chortokeftedes (vegetable balls in sauce)
Papoutsaki (stuff aubergine) Choriatiko Furnu (vegetable a la maison)
Chanumissa (soymince+bechamel in dough) a.l.m.…



Slacken from the stress that usually tourists have and enjoy our garden. Simply ask to bring you in the hands freshly harvested oranges, or rest plainly in the hammocks, in the pool or in the lower-case massage cabinets. Meanwhile your children amuse themselves in the children cabinet or in the playground.

You will find excellent amusement in the audit – and games – corner, for you and your family.

In the evening allow yourself a friendly atmosphere in our tavern, or a glass of house wine and a nice conversation by the pool bar. Spoil yourself with the original Greek and Corfiot gastronomic delicacies that are prepared with care and affection.

For the half pension (3 Course Menu) we offer to you with much effort a variety of home-made food like fresh fish that we daily catch in our coast. Also the vegetarians and those who suffer from allergies have no chance of not being satisfied.



The origin of village reaches till the antique past. Almost all the inhabitants from today’s “Petriti” have existed at that time in the mountain village “Korakades”, and had their vine, fruit and vegetables fields and fishing boats in “Petriti”.

For thirty years approximately Korakades was menaced by a landslide, for that reason you will be determined in Petriti to admit. You build your house in the side of the Mediterranean Sea, so your work becomes easier, as well as the work of a peasant or fisherman.

Today we still assemble our community in the church of Korakades for holiday weddings, baptisms and happy events.

Egrypos: At the beginning of the 14 th century, Egrypos was undertaken from the family of Petriti, which comes from the Tarauto/Italy and were great land owners. In the Egrypos harbor lay often the Venetian arm navy boats. Later, the place of the family Palatianos became a legend.



As of the 2014 season, we will now be able to offer you even on the same plot our comfortable holiday home. Our duplex house is newly built, offers space for up to 6 people, has a living area of 130 sqm and is generously and tastefully decorated. On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms, a large bathroom (with toilet, shower, bathtub and 2 sinks) and a large balcony with pool and sea views. The ground floor has a modern and fully equipped kitchen, a large living and dining area, a small toilet and terrace.

Description House:

  • a bedroom with a double bed
  • a bedroom with two single beds
  • a bedroom with a bunk bed
  • Mueckenschutz on all windows
  • Terrace and balcony with garden furniture
  • Bed linen and towels are provided
– Free Wi-Fi throughout the terrain
– Air conditioning
– Washing machine
– Hair Dryer
– 4-plate stove
– Oven
– Refrigerator with freezer
– Microwave
– Coffee machine
– Toaster
– Kettle
– Pans, pans, cutlery and crockery
– LCD TV with satellite (Astra)
– Non smoking
– Parking

Prices (per night) to 6 people:
April / May / October: € 85.00
June / September: € 98.00
July: € 135.00
August: € 150.00

Up to 4 persons 10% discount
Air conditioning in July / August inclusive




and we’ll contact you as soon
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    Egrypos Pension
    Kourtesis family
    49080 Petriti
    Corfu Greece